June 29, 1972

1972: For valorous actions this date forward air controller Capt Steven L. Bennett receives the Medal of Honor posthumously. Citation: http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/3230/bennett-steven-l.php

June 27, 1950

  1950: KOREAN WAR. Pilot Lt. William G. “Skeeter” Hudson and radar operator Lt. Carl Fraiser, flying an F-82 Twin Mustang from the 68th Fighter […]

June 26, 1972

1972: The Air Force unveils the F-15 superiority fighter in ceremonies at the McDonnell Douglas facility in St. Louis.

June 25, 1996

1996:   Terrorists bomb Khobar Towers near King Abdul-Aziz AB, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 Air Force personnel and injuring 300 others. It is the worst terrorist […]

June 22, 1944

1944:    After the second Operation FRANTIC raid, the Luftwaffe attacks B-17s at Poltava, destroying 47 and damaging 19 more.

June 21, 1954

1954:    USAF creates a Western Development Division under Brig Gen Bernard A. Schriever to accelerate the Atlas ICBM program.

June 20, 1941

1941:    The United States Army Air Forces are formed. This leads to, as World War II progresses, a largely autonomous force.

June 19, 1962

1962:    FIRST GENERAL WHITE SPACE TROPHY. Secretary of the Air Force Eugene M. Zuckert presents the first Gen Thomas D. White Space Trophy to […]

June 18, 1965

1965:    The 1st Air Commando Squadron, 34th Tactical Group, Bien Hoa AB receives the Presidential Unit Citation. This is the first USAF unit so honored […]