November 9, 1967

1967:    MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous service this date Capt Gerald O. Young receives Medal.  Citation: MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous service this date […]

November 8, 1942

1942:    MEDAL OF HONOR. Col Demas T. Craw and Maj Pierpoint M. Hamilton receive the medal for valorous service in the invasion of Africa.

November 7, 1918

1917:    Eugene J. Bullard, US pilot in French service, shoots down an enemy fighter, becomes 1st African American fighter pilot with an aerial victory in […]

November 6, 1909

1909:    The French government awards Orville and Wilbur Wright the Legion of Honor at its New York consulate.

November 3, 1959

1959:    USAF successfully transports an ICBM by air for the 1st time by flying an Atlas D on a C-133B from San Diego to Francis […]

November 2, 2001

2001:    A 20th Special Operations Squadron MH-53 helicopter crew receives the Mackay trophy for rescuing crew of a 2nd MH-53 that had crashed in the […]

October 30, 1961

1961:    Operation STAIR STEP. The first of 216 ANG fighters from units mobilized on 1 October deploy across the Atlantic to European bases in response […]