January 26, 1968

  1968:   Capture of the USS Pueblo by North Korean forces prompts call up of ANG and AFRES units to active duty.

January 25, 1949

1949:  The United States Air Force adopts the shade 84 blue uniform. Several years pass before the US Army Air Force uniforms phase out.

January 24, 1951

1951:   KOREAN WAR/OPERATION THUNDERBOLT. Generals Earl E. Partridge and Matthew B. Ridgway reconnoiter the front lines in a T-6 prior to their 25 January dawn […]

January 23, 2002

2002:   A KC-10 arrives at Dulles Airport with John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old American accused of joining Al Qaeda and fighting in Afghanistan against US […]

January 22, 1968

1968:   OPERATION NIAGARA. Through 31 March, USAF, U. S. Navy, and U. S. Marine Corps aircraft fly 24,016 sorties (21,449 tactical and 2,567 strategic) to […]

January 19, 2001

2001:   The Air Combat Command Commander, General John P. Jumper, announces the selection of Beale AFB, CA for the first operational Global Hawk UAV squadron.

January 18, 1981

  1981:   IRANIAN HOSTAGE RELEASE. Iran releases 52 American hostages held in the American Embassy in Tehran after 444 days. They are flown on an […]

January 17, 1991

1991:   War begins in the Persian Gulf. Operation Desert Shield becomes Operation Desert Storm. More than 1,200 combat sorties are flown, and 106 cruise missiles […]

January 16, 1951

1951:   Six Convair B-36s from the 7th Bomb Wing at Carswell AFB make their first appearance in Europe at Lakenheath, England, after a 7,000-mile flight. […]

January 15, 1948

  1948:   Gen Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, approves the development of satellite components and satellites.