June 15, 1970

1970:   A C-130 flies the final Blind Bat flare mission over the Barrel Roll area of Laos, then returns to Naha AB, Japan.

June 14, 1975

1975:   Congress rejects a 1974 DoD proposal to inactivate New York’s 102 Fighter Interceptor Squadron and several other Air Guard outfits. Instead, the ANG re-designates […]

June 13, 1968

1968:   A Titan IIIC places 8 Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program (IDCSP) satellites into orbit to extend the system’s life span.

June 12, 1970

1970:   A USAF K-30 reconnaissance camera is retired to the Air Force Museum after 20+ years in service. The camera measured 3′ x 4 1/2′ […]

June 11, 2007

2007:   ROBERT J. COLLIER TROPHY. The National Aeronautic Association presents its annual trophy to the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the USAF for developing the F-22 […]

June 8, 1966

1966: XB-70 collides with F-104N chase plane; F-104 pilot Joe Walker dies, along with the XB-70 copilot Maj Carl Cross.

June 7, 1912

1912: Capt Charles DeForest Chandler becomes the first person to fire a machine gun from an airplane in the US.  

June 6, 1970

1970: MAC Commander Gen Jack J. Catton flies the 1st C-5 for an operational wing from Lockheed Marietta to Charleston AFB.

June 5, 1944

1944: MEDAL OF HONOR. While leading a B-24 group against enemy coastal positions, Lt Col Leon R. Vance’s bomber sustains repeated hits from antiaircraft fire, […]

June 4, 1970

1970: Flying the NF-104 modified with a rocket engine, Gen Alton D. Slay reaches 104,000 feet in altitude to become the first general officer to […]