January 12, 1971

1971:    The USAF contracts Boeing to produce the Short-Range Attack Missile for the FB-111, B-52, and proposed B-1.

January 11, 1944

  1944:    MEDAL OF HONOR. For valorous service this date, Lt Col James H. Howard receives the medal. He becomes the lone fighter pilot to […]

January 10, 1994

1994:    HH-60G Pave Hawk from 56th Rescue Squadron at Keflavik, Iceland rescues six sailors off the coast; crews receive the 1994 Mackay trophy.

January 9, 1973

1973:    Secretary of the Air Force Robert C. Seamans, Jr. picks Fairchild’s A-10 and General Electric’s TF-34 engine as winners of A-X competition.

January 8, 1973

1973:    LAST AERIAL VICTORY. In their F-4D Phantom 65-0796, Capt Paul D. Howman and 1Lt Lawrence W. Kullman shoot down a MiG southwest of Hanoi […]

January 5, 2002

2002:    A 437th Airlift Wing C-17 arrives at Guantanamo Bay with the first materials to build a prison for Taliban and Al Qaeda detainees (Camp […]

January 4, 1996

1996:    Operation Provide Promise, regarded as the longest sustained humanitarian airlift in history, officially ends. USAF flies 4,597 of the 12,895 sorties. A commemorative flight […]

January 3, 1949

1949:    Representative Carl Vinson of Georgia, generally known for his support of the Navy, introduces a bill to speed guided missile research and to create […]

January 2, 1942

1942:    Gen Henry H. Arnold establishes a new numbered Air Force, which later becomes Eighth Air Force. The Eighth sustains over 26,000 deaths in World […]

January 1, 1929

  1929:    THE QUESTION MARK. Through 7 January, to test in-flight refueling and crew and aircraft endurance, Maj Carl A. Spaatz and crew fly the […]