June 1, 1967

1967:   Two 48th ARRS HH-3Es complete the 1st nonstop helicopter crossing of the Atlantic, following Lindbergh’s route: 30 hours, 46 minutes, with 9 refuelings. The […]

May 31, 1967

1967:   The Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS) achieves its initial operating capability, giving  SAC the ability to launch ICBMs from airborne command posts.

May 30, 1912

1912:   Wilbur Wright dies of typhoid fever at the age of 45 at Dayton.

May 29, 1966

1966:   The ARRS observes its 20th anniversary. During this time span ARRS rescued more than 12,000 people throughout the world.

May 28, 1980

1980:   The United States Air Force Academy graduates its first female cadets. Ninety-seven women are commissioned as Second Lieutenants.

May 25, 1927

1927:   Lt James H. Doolittle performs the first known successful outside loop.

May 24, 1972

1972:   President Nixon and USSR Premier Kosygin in Moscow sign an agreement for use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

May 23, 1968

1968:   433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron’s Satan’s Angels use a Paveway Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) in combat for the first time. Modified F-4Ds fitted with laser […]

May 22, 1934

1934:   Capt (later Maj Gen) Westside T. Larson receives the 1933 Mackay Trophy for developing instrument takeoff and landing procedures on land and sea, and […]

May 21, 1957

1957:   Maj Robinson Risner flies Lindbergh’s transatlantic route in an F-100 named Spirit of St. Louis II in 6 hours 40 minutes (as compared to […]