September 4, 1950

1950:    KOREAN WAR. An H-5 helicopter makes its first rescue of a U.S. pilot behind enemy lines; Lt Paul W. Van Boven saves Capt Robert […]

September 1, 1975

1975:    USAF General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr. becomes the first African-American officer to achieve four-star rank in the U.S. military.

September 6, 1942

1942:    The VIII Bomber Command loses its first aircraft in combat when two B-17s fail to return from a strike on the Avions Potez aircraft […]

August 30, 1958

1958:    Operation X-RAY TANGO. For rapid deployment of the Composite Air Strike Force in the Quemoy/Matsu Crisis, TAC receives a Mackay Trophy.

August 29, 1952

1952:   KOREAN WAR/SORTIE RECORD. Far East Air Forces fighter-bombers set a new 24-hour record by sending 854 Fifth Air Force sorties against Pyongyang, N. […]

August 28, 2017

1942:    The War Department directs the Air Transport Command to provide aircraft and equipment to evacuate sick and wounded American servicemen and women throughout the […]

August 25, 1987

1987:       Col (Dr.) Thomas J. Tredici retires at Brooks AFB, the last remaining B-17 pilot from World War II to leave active duty.

August 24, 1970

1970:      Two HH-53s complete 1st nonstop transpacific helicopter flight as they land at Da Nang AB, South Vietnam, after a 9,000-mile flight from Eglin AFB, […]

August 23, 1954

1954:    Lockheed pilots Stanley Beltz and Roy Wimmer fly the Hercules YC-130 transport on its first flight.