May 18, 2018

1980:   MOUNT ST. HELENS Eruption. The USAF Rescue Coordination Center at Scott AFB manages 568 sorties thru 5 June that save 101 lives. 

May 17, 1919

1919:   The Director of the Air Service orders the use of the national star insignia on all service planes; This order is implemented in August. […]

May 16, 1947

1947:   Over New York, 101 B-29s “theoretically” drop bombs in SAC’s first maximum effort mission.

May 15, 1918

1918:   Pilots in the Army Aviation Section (Signal Corps) start the government’s first permanent airmail route from Washington to New York.

May 14, 1973

1973:   From Kennedy Space Center, a two-stage Saturn V launches Skylab 1 into orbit, where its two Solar Array System wings fail to deploy. These […]

May 11, 1942

1942:   President Roosevelt orders the Air Medal to be established for any military person who accomplishes meritorious achievement in aerial flight.

May 10, 1972

1972:    LINEBACKER I: 8th Tactical Fighter Wing F-4s drop precision-guided munitions on the Paul Doumer Bridge in Hanoi, closing it to traffic. For a […]

May 9, 1961

1961:   The 379th Bomb Wing at Wurtsmith AFB, MI., receives SAC’s first B-52H (number 60-0001, shown here later at Barksdale AFB). It was known as […]

May 8, 1970

1970:   MACKAY TROPHY. An AC-119K gunship attacks a heavily defended road section in SEA. Despite losing 15 feet of the aircraft’s right wing and an […]

May 7, 1949

1949:   Henry H. Arnold is named General of the Air Force.  He was made a five star general of the Army in December 1944, and […]