December 22, 1964

1964:   President Johnson funds the development of the CX-HLS (the C-5A). It could carry 500-700 troops or 250,000 pounds of cargo for 7,000 miles at […]

December 20, 1943

1943:   For extraordinary heroism this date, radio operator-gunner TSgt Forrest Vosler receives the Medal of Honor.  

December 19, 1945

1945: President Truman urges establishment of the Department of Defense with an air arm equal to the Army and Navy.  

December 18, 1972

1972:   Operation LINEBACKER II: President Nixon orders this 11-day all-out bombing campaign against targets in Hanoi and Haiphong, one of the most heavily defended areas […]

December 15,1944

1944:    A Noorduyn C-64 Norseman carrying famed bandleader Maj Glenn Miller disappears over the English Channel.

December 14, 1964

1964:    1st armed reconnaissance mission is flown in Laos, code named Barrel Roll. This mission initiates continuous tactical fighter operations in SEA.

December 13, 1933

1933:    President Franklin D. Roosevelt presents the first Air Mail Flyer’s Medal of Honor to Mal Bryan Freeburg.  

December 12,1944

1944:    MEDAL OF HONOR: Maj Richard I. Bong, with 38 aerial victories, receives the medal from General MacArthur in ceremonies in the Philippines.

December 11, 1969

1969:    The Air Force’s YF-12A 06935 supersonic interceptor aircraft makes its first flight from Edwards AFB under joint USAF-NASA sponsorship.