May 4, 1942

1942:   Through 8 May, the Battle of Coral Sea features the first naval engagement fought by aircraft, as the opposing ships made no contact with […]

May 3, 1973

1973:   The 1972 Mackay Trophy goes to three Vietnam aces: Captains Richard S. “Steve” Ritchie, Charles B. DeBellevue, and Jeffery S. Feinstein.  

May 1, 1943

1943:   B-17 gunner Sergeant Maynard H. Smith receives the MEDAL OF HONOR for heroic service on this date saving his crew members’ lives.

April 30, 1917

1917:   In World War I, Maj William “Billy” Mitchell becomes the first American officer to fly over the German lines, as an observer in a […]

April 27, 1979

1991:   A C-141 delivers 15 tons of blankets for Kurdish refugees in the first airlift mission into Iran since 1979.

April 26, 1952

1952:   KOREAN WAR. Maj. William H. Wescott destroys his fifth MiG in four weeks to become the war’s 12th ace.  His F-86 Saber Jet, “Lady […]

April 25, 1967

1967:   Maj Gen Benjamin D. Foulois dies at Andrews AFB at the age of 87. He was the first person to fly an Army dirigible; […]

April 24, 1943

1943:   The first class of women pilots graduates from US Army Air Force flight training (shown on their initial reporting date).

April 23, 1991

1991:   SECAF Donald B. Rice announces the winner of the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. He selects the Lockheed/Boeing/General Dynamics F-22 with the Pratt and Whitney […]