August 18, 1948

1948:    The Berlin Airlift corridor is equipped with flight aids to ensure continuance of airlift operations in the coming winter.

August 17, 1943

1943:    8AF sends over 300 B-17s on raids of Schweinfurt and Regensburg, losing 60; leadership re-evaluates the need for fighter escort.

August 16, 1960

1960:    Capt Joseph W. Kittinger Jr. jumps from 102,800 feet over NM; reaches speeds over 600 mph during 13:08 min descent.

August 15, 1973

1973:    LAST SEA COMBAT MISSION. All US bombing in Cambodia ends after eight years; an A-7D from 354 TFW flies the last combat mission in […]

August 11, 1950

1950:    KOREAN WAR. C-119 Flying Boxcars begin airlifting trucks from Tachikawa AB to Taegu.

August 10, 1961

1961:    An F-105 lifts the largest load ever carried aloft by a single-engine aircraft in dropping over seven tons of conventional bombs on a target.

August 9, 1945

1945:    Maj Charles W. Sweeney, flying the “Bockscar” B-29, drops a second atomic bomb, called “Fat Man,” on Nagasaki.

August 8, 1955

1955:    Over Edwards AFB, the X-1A rocket research plane explodes on its B-29 carrier and is jettisoned to destruction. NACA pilot Joe Walker escapes safely.

August 7, 1990

1990:    Operation DESERT SHIELD. In response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the US military deploys to protect Saudi Arabia from Iraqi aggression and to liberate […]