February 18, 1918

1918: The “Lafayette Escadrille” transfers to American forces as the 103d Pursuit Squadron and begins operations on the front under tactical control of the French. […]

February 14, 1996

1996:    Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR. A Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System E-8A flew its 50th mission in support of Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR, surpassing the […]

February 13, 1913

1913:    Smithsonian Institute regents appoint an advisory committee to inaugurate the Aerodynamic Laboratory project at Langley Field, VA.

February 12, 1973

1973:    Operation HOMECOMING/MACKAY TROPHY. After N. Vietnam releases its POWs, MAC airlift returns them to Clark. When the POWs reach America, the 375th Aeromedical Airlift […]

February 11, 1977

1977:    Jimmy Carter becomes the first President to fly in the E-4A National Emergency Airborne Command Post in a flight from Andrews AFB, MD to […]

February 10, 1933

  1933:    The Army establishes four provisional air transport squadrons, one at each air depot, to haul equipment and materiel between airfields and the depots […]

January 24, 1951

1951:    KOREAN WAR/OPERATION THUNDERBOLT. Generals Earl E. Partridge and Matthew B. Ridgway reconnoiter the front lines in a T-6 prior to their 25 January dawn […]

January 23, 2002

2002:    A KC-10 arrives at Dulles with John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old American accused of joining Al Qaeda and fighting in Afghanistan against US forces. […]

January 22, 1944

  1944:    Operation SHINGLE. To support the amphibious landings at Anzio, the Mediterranean Allied Air Force flies 1,200 sorties.