Oral History — In Their Own Words

Observe our warriors of the past as they recall the many-faceted fabric of United States Air Force History

The Medal of Honor Gallery

Jay Zeamer  —  B-17 pilot, Southwest Pacific, WWII

Leo Thorsness  —  F-105 “Wild Weasel” pilot, POW, 1967-73

George “Bud” Day  —  F-100 pilot, POW 1967-73

James Fleming  —   UH-1 pilot, combat rescue

Bernard Fisher   —  A-1E pilot,  combat rescue

Joe Jackson  —  C-123 pilot, combat rescue




The final combat mission in World War II

Forgotten 500 downed airmen in Yugoslavia

Vietnam Rescue crewman NKP

B-26 Pilot Recollections from WW II

P-51 Pilot recollections from European Theater

F-105 Pilots Tell the Story of Rolling Thunder

B-17 Tail gunner Shot Down, Captured on First Mission