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The First Fighter Pilot

by Ed Cobleigh

In the Spring of 1915, a Parisian playboy took to the lethal skies of World War I, becoming the world’s first fighter pilot. Never before had a lone pilot hunted down other aviators. Roland Garros’ aerial exploits unleashed unlimited air combat and changed warfare forever. Before leaving French café society for the Western Front, the young pilot set aviation records, won air races, and introduced manned flight to thrilled crowds in the USA, Europe, and Latin America. In combat, he was shot down, escaped, and made his way back to the waiting arms of an exotic dancer. His decision-stay in Paris or return to the front lines. Garros needed two more victories to become an ace. The little-known story of Roland Garros’ exciting life and fascinating his times is a riveting tale well worth the telling. Learn how a pioneer pilot of the Gilded Age descended into the man-made hell of the Great War. This narrative non-fiction biography delivers that stirring account right on target.