Air Force Historical Foundation

Our staff works hard daily to ensure that the Foundation is meeting its strategic goals and objectives, while meeting the key needs of our members, supporters, and various partners.


Jim Vertenten
Executive Director

Jim Vertenten currently serves as the Executive Director of the Air Force Historical Foundation. In this role, he serves as the senior administrator for the Foundation responsible for managing all daily operations in accordance with the supervision of the President and the Chairman of the Board.

Vertenten’s leadership has been instrumental in the continued success of the Foundation, as he works daily to ensure that the Foundation is adequately meeting its goals and objectives, along with the needs of its members and corporate partners.

During his time with the Foundation, Vertenten’s more specific roles and responsibilities have included serving as the primary point of contact and planning lead for all Foundation events and activities, managing all salaried and temporary staff, supervising all internal and external communications efforts, and working closely with the Foundation’s Treasurer in preparing budgets and instituting office procedures.

Prior to his retirement from the U.S. Air Force, Vertenten had a variety of assignments across the globe including serving twice as a Staff Officer at SAC headquarters, Commander of a NATO Munitions Squadron, a Missile Launch Officer/Instructor, and the Director of Human Resources for a 10,000-person military base. In his final role before retirement, Vertenten directed force positioning for approximately 127,000 personnel at over thirty locations worldwide.

Angela Bear
Office Manager

For over 20 years, Angela Bear has worked closely with the Executive Director, Board Members, and the Executive Leadership Team to help promote and fulfill the overall goals and mission of the Air Force Historical Foundation. While Bear serves in many roles, her primary focus is on Payroll Management, Compliance, Membership and Member Communications, Special Events, and Tradeshow Support. She provides daily technical and logistical support on a variety of special projects and collaborates with Air Power History editor, Richard Wolf, to get the elite publication into the hands of its members and corporate partners.

As a proud Air Force wife herself, she serves as a wealth of knowledge for the Foundation and has worked tirelessly throughout her career doing her part to help preserve both the history and legacy of the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Space Force.