These awards are sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation, and are open to cadets in commissioning programs and to officers undergoing professional military education. Award winners are selected by a competitive process within each institution.

Two Air Forces Award (2020) — Group Captain John Alexander, RAF — “The Decision to Reorganise Britain’s Air Defence to Counter the V-1 Flying Bomb” – Selection by the Royal Air Force Historical Society

The Air War College Award (2021) — Lt Colonel Jason Monaco, U.S. Army — “Where Art Thou, Pete and Opie?  World War II Tactical Airpower Lessons for a New Era”

 Air Command and Staff College Award (2021) — Maj Junelene Bungay: “Game-Changing Technology and the Ethics of Strategic Leadership: Examining Technology’s Past, Present, and Future Through the Combined Bomber Offensive and Drone Operations”

School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Award (2021) — Major Alex L. Moon, USAF — “Grin ‘N Bear It: The Effects of Strategic Decisions on Eighth Air Force Bomber Crews from October 1943 to February 1944”

Air Force Academy Award (2021) — C1C Wyatt Lake: “Origins of American Close Air Support”

General Bryce Poe II Award (AFIT) (2021) — 1Lt Christopher I. Amaddio:  “Hazard Mapping for Infrastructure Planning in the Arctic”

Air Force ROTC Award (2021) — 2Lt Tallas Goo, USAF