Student Awards

These awards are sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation, and are open to cadets in commissioning programs and to officers undergoing professional military education. Award winners are selected by a competitive process within each institution.

Two Air Forces Award (2018) — Wing Commander D. Smathers, RAF

 “Air-Land Integration in the Western Desert 1940-42”

Selection by the Royal Air Force Historical Society


The Air War College Award (2019) — Colonel Gilbert Cardona, US Army

 “Great Power Decline”


Air Command and Staff College Award (2019) — Dennis Clark

 “History in the Battlespace: Towards a Theory of Applied Military History”


School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Award (2018) — Charles C. Stretch Jr, Major, USAF

” The Show Must Go On: Fighter Pilot Folksongs of the Vietnam War”


Air Force Academy Award (2019) — C3C Raymond Metzger

“The Decline of Rigid Airships”


General Bryce Poe II Award (AFIT) (2019) — First Lieutenant Jeremiah M, Webb, USAF

“Comprehensive Study of Optimal Synergetic Skip Entries with Dynamic Thrust Vectoring Control”


Air Force ROTC Award (2017) — Cadet James C. Cassell, USAF