The Air Force Historical Foundation stimulates interest in America’s air power history and heritage by sponsoring awards that honor the making – and documentation – of Air Force history. The 2019-20 awards season in now in full swing; we will be updating our list of winners near the end of May, so come back to us then for the full report.

Unit Award

The James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle Award recognizes an active Air Force unit for gallantry, determination, esprit de corps, and superior management of joint operations in accomplishing its mission under difficult and hazardous conditions in multiple conflicts.

Lifetime Service Awards

The General Carl Andrew Spaatz Award for a lifetime of making Air Force history

The Major General I. B. Holley Award for a lifetime of documenting Air Force history

Literary Awards

These awards are sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation for recognition of authors who write for publication in periodicals or history books.

  • Best Air Power History Article Award
  • Best Air Power History Book Reviewed Award

Student Awards

These awards recognize scholarship and leadership potential.

  • Two Air Forces Award
  • The Air War College Award
  • Air Command and Staff College Award
  • School of Advanced Air and Space Studies Award
  • Air Force Academy Award
  • General Bryce Poe II Award
  • Air Force ROTC Award