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2017 Air Power History Archive

Dirty Little Secret in the Land of a Million Elephants: Barrel Roll and the Lost WarWilliam P. HeadBuilding Air Force Intellectual Capacity: An Innovative Look […]

2016 Air Power History Archive

“Boyd Revisited: A Great Mind with a Touch of Madness”John Andreas Olsen“Origins of Inertial Navigation”Thomas Wildenberg“The World War II Training Experiences of the Tuskegee Airmen […]

2015 Air Power History Archive

“The Airplane and I Grew Up Together: Hugh L. Dryden and the Rise of American Aeronautics and Spaceflight”Michael H. Gorn“Ferret: Evolution of a Design Concept”Bill […]

2014 Air Power History Archive

“Major Ralph Royce and the First Pursuit Group’s 1930 Arctic Patrol Exercise”David K. Vaughan“’Bar Napkin’ Tactics, Combat Tactical Leadership In Southeast Asia” Darrel D. Whitcomb“Arctic […]

2013 Air Power History Archive

“The First Atomic Bomb Mission: Trinity B–29 Operations Three Weeks Before Hiroshima”Darrell F. Dvorak“Missed Opportunities before Top Gun and Red Flag”Michael E. Weaver“The Battles of […]

2012 Air Power History Archive

“The Korean People’s Air Force in the Fatherland Liberation War: Part II”Douglas C. Dildy“The Other Atomic Bomb Commander: Col. Cliff Heflin and his ‘Special’ 216th […]