June 26, 1996

  1994: A 60 AW C-5 from Travis AFB flew a 34-ton Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine to Chernobyl, Ukraine. There, medical specialists use the machine to treat victims of the 1986 nuclear reactor meltdown.

June 23,1944

  1944: While escorting B-17s on a Ploesti raid, 52nd Fighter Group downs 12 enemy aircraft for 102 aerial victories in 30 days. This becomes a  US record never equaled in Europe.  

June 20, 1923

1923:  The Army’s first all-metal airplane, the Gallaudet CO-1, Liberty 400, makes its first flight. The Air Service engineering division designed the aircraft.

June 19, 1944

  1944: BATTLE OF THE PHILIPPINE SEA. Through 20 June, American pilots shoot down 476 Japanese aircraft in “The Marianas Turkey Shoot.” The US loses 130 planes.

June 16, 1936

  1936: Seversky Aircraft receives a contract to build P-35s, the Army’s 1st single-seat fighter with a closed cockpit and retractable landing gear.