October 25, 1983

1983: Five Combat Talons of the 8th Special Operations Squadron participated in Operation Urgent Fury, the United States invasion of Grenada between 25 and 31 October 1983.
While flying a 1st Special Operations Wing MC-130E, Lt Col James L. Hobson, Jr., conducted the first drop of combat paratroopers from an altitude of 500 feet over Point Salines, Grenada. Flying through anti-aircraft fire, Hobson then dove his aircraft to 100 feet above ground level to leave the area.
Talon 64-0568, flown as Foxtrot 35 by 8th SOS commander Lt Col James L. Hobson combat-dropped runway clearing teams from the Ranger Battalions on the airport, despite being targeted by a searchlight and under heavy AAA fire. Two Spectre gunships suppressed the AAA so that the other Combat Talons and the SOLL C-130s could complete the parachute drop of the Rangers, with the only damage to the Talons being three hits by small arms fire. For his actions, Hobson was awarded the MacKay Trophy for this mission in 1984.