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The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is proud to present The Aerospace Advantage, with Heather “Lucky” Penney, Senior Fellow, The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies as the host. Every week,  Penney will take listeners into the world of aerospace power and help the audience understand what it takes to fly and fight in the sky, while also protecting America’s interests in space. Whether talking to top generals, standing on a flight line full of combat aircraft, looking at a rocket being prepared for launch, or hearing from those who have laid it all on the line in defense of the nation—this podcast will afford unprecedented access and insight into where the combat aerospace community is going and why.

Aerospace Advantage

Based on the Wings Over the Rockies hit YouTube and PBS series of the same name, the Behind the Wings podcast will cover everything from aviation history to the future of space exploration with thought leaders and experts in the industry.

Behind The Wings

We started out in October 2009 as a 24/7 LIVE streaming station, in between shows we played big band music, and then rolled on into the next talk show.  We were all warbirds, all day and all night.  Back then nobody really knew what a podcast was, but we soon figured it out.  Today, Warbird Radio’s library of content is unmatched.  Over a decade of historic veteran interviews, owner-operator stories, topical discussions on maintenance, and all things important to “keeping them flyin'”can be found inside our vault.  Today, we’re continuing the tradition of cranking out great weekly shows, and curating stories from our vast archive.  All FREE, and available right here. 

Warbird Radio