2003 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2003 -Volume 50, Number 4

  • “Whiz Kid:”Robert S. McNamara’s World War II Service
    George M. Watson, Jr. and Herman S. Wolk
  • Kennedy’s Space Policy Reconsidered: A Post-Cold War Perspective
    Roger D. Launius 
  • A Hero of the Soviet Union: Georgi Mosolov
    Rodney Rogers
  • Misty FACs of the Vietnam War
    Phil Haun
  • Every Man a Tiger: The RF-86A Sabre in TacticalReconnaissance Operations during the Korean War
    John H. Mahan

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FALL 2003 -Volume 50, Number 3

  • Why the U.S. Air Force Did Not Use the F–47 Thunderbolt in the Korean War
    Michael D. Rowland
  • “Big Ben”: Sergeant Benjamin F.Warmer III, Flying Ace
    John W. Hinds
  • The Dark Ages of Strategic Airlift: the Propeller Era
    Kenneth P. Werrell
  • Towards a Place in History
    David G. Styles

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SUMMER 2003 -Volume 50, Number 2

  • The Yamamoto Mission
    Daniel L. Haulman
  • Starting from Scratch: Establishing the Bundes luftwaffe as a Modern Air Force, 1955-1960
    James S. Corum
  • Operation Hajji Baba
    James T. Currie
  • The Resurrection of Bill McGlynn’s Flying Fortress
    John Maher



SPRING 2003 -Volume 50, Number 1

  • Fabric Planes–Iron Men: Reuniting the Collier Trophy with 1924 Round-the-World Flight Artifacts
    Braxton “Brick” Eisel and Daniel L.Watkins
  • World War II B–17C Flying Fortress Crash at Baker’s Creek, Australia, Uncovered
    Robert S. Cutler
  • Soviet Ship-Based Reconnaissance, 1920s-1950
    Viktor P. Kulikov
  • Air Power and the Battle for Mazar-e Sharif
    Don Chipman

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