June 25, 1996

1996: The Khobar Towers residential building near King Abdul-Aziz Air Base in Saudi Arabia is bombed by terrorists. Nineteen USAF personnel are killed, and another 300 Americans are wounded. The Americans there were supporting Operation Southern Watch.
USAF personnel that were killed:
Capt Christopher Adams, Capt Leland Haun, MSgt Michael G. Heiser, MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek, TSgt Patrick P. Fennig, TSgt Thanh V. Nguyen, SSgt Ronald King, SSgt Kevin Johnson, Sgt Millard D. Campbell, SrA Earl R. Cartrette Jr., SrA Jeremy A. Taylor, A1C Class Christopher Lester, A1C Brent E. Marthaler, A1C Brian W. McVeigh, A1C Peter W. Morgera, A1C Joseph E. Rimkus, A1C Justin Wood, A1C Joshua E. Woody.