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Fly With the Falcon: Love, Loss, Liberty

by Ed Cobleigh

The boundless sky’s peace and dangers are normally reserved for nature’s aviators or for members of the elite fraternity/sorority of fighter pilots – or for readers of this new, fast-paced novel by Ed Cobleigh. Be elevated by tightly written, flowing prose to the exhilarating world of flight. Experience new insights into the world of the lucky few who view clouds from above. Follow the perilous life of a peregrine falcon along California’s wild Central Coast and two fighter pilots, one female, one male, as they patrol the lethal skies of the Middle East. In this gripping narrative, each solo aviator searches for escape and meaning while airborne. For the three flyers, flight allows introspection into themselves and their terrestrial problems; sexual harassment, illicit sex, loneliness, lost lovers, and grounding. The coastal wine country offers a refuge and a path to discover what really matters in this world and how many barriers one is willing to hurdle to reach long-sought goals. Come fly with the falcon to discover the domain of the air, passionate romance, unspoiled Big Sur, dynamic falcon lore, and aerial adventure.