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Red Markers: The Rest of the Story

by Gary N. Willis

In 1962, an Air Liaison Officer began supporting the Vietnamese Airborne Brigade (known as the Red Berets) and its embedded American advisors in MACV Team 162 (the Red Hats). The liaison officer took the call sign Red Marker. Over the years, the unit grew to a peak of 36 personnel with a dozen aircraft and six radio jeeps devoted to directing close air support for the Red Berets.

This book tells the history of these forward air controllers and the elite Vietnamese and American warriors on the ground. It is based on first-hand accounts of more than 100 men who were there. The stories include detailed descriptions of air missions, heroic Medevac rescues, the Medal of Honor actions of two Red Hats, and the shipboard escape of hundreds from Vietnam led by a Catholic seminary student.

This is a sequel to the first history of the Red Markers published in 2012. The Rest of the Story goes well beyond that earlier work.