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Tunisia Since the Arab Conquest: The Saga of a Westernized Muslim State

by Jacob Abadi

This comprehensive history of Tunisia covers an essential period in the country’s development, from the Arab conquest of the 7th century to the Jasmine Revolution and the fall of Ben Ali’s regime in 2010. The book describes the evolution of the Tunisian state, its place in the Mediterranean basin, and its contacts with the civilizations of that region. Beginning with the conquest of AD 648-669, it analyzes the crucial events that shaped the country’s history in the dynastic age. The book then goes on to discuss the impact of the Ottoman conquest, as well as the impact of the European competition in the Mediterranean, on the development of the Tunisian state. Tunisia since the Arab Conquest provides a thorough coverage of the French conquest and the French Protectorate, and their influence on the country’s development. It discusses Franco-Tunisian relations in a vivid manner and explores the impact of the first and second World Wars on the country. The book then examines the Tunisian nationalist movement and the country’s struggle for independence, assessing the main personalities who played a role in that movement. Tunisia’s relations with France and the methods by which the country obtained its independence are discussed in great detail. The narrative continues with an analysis of the political, social, economic, and cultural developments in Tunisia since its independence, including an in-depth analysis of the country’s achievements and failures under the regimes of Habib Bourguiba and Ben Ali. Based on primary and secondary sources in Arabic, French, Italian, Hebrew, and English, this book provides the reader with a comprehensive history of the country. It will be essential reading for students and academics who wish to understand the formative years of the Tunisian state, as well as the political developments which took place after its independence.