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Indochina in the Year of the Snake - 1965

by John F. Guilmartin

Indochina in the Year of the Snake – 1965, is the third volume in a planned series looking at key events during the Second Indochina War. Each book of the multi-volume series will cover a single year and delve into political, military and cultural aspects of a war that still sharply divides America . Written primarily by historians, academics and Vietnam veterans, the series will challenge long held orthodox views of academia and show how myths, falsehoods and distortions have perpetuated the myth that Vietnam was unwinnable and without purpose. In this volume, topics ranging from the Poison Gas and Agent Orange, to the peace movement, in 1965, are covered. Vietnam Veterans for Factual History is a [501c(3)] group founded by Vietnam Veterans and their supporters whose mission is to study and disseminate factual, well researched information about the Vietnam War and correct the myths that have permeated academia and our society since the war’s beginning.