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World War I Illustrated Atlas: Campaigns, Battles & Weapons from 1914 to 1918

by Michael S. Neiberg

World War I Illustrated Atlas is a comprehensive visual guide to this complex conflict. In fine detail, it plots the exact course of the land, sea, and air campaigns, enabling the reader to trace the ebb and flow of the fortunes of all sides. With more than 180 maps, every theater of war is covered—from the Western Front to Penang, from Gallipoli to Galicia, from Dogger Bank to Dalmatia, from Romania to Rhodesia, and from the Falklands to Togo and the Sinai desert. All the maps have been specially commissioned from an expert cartographer. Each map is designed to highlight a particular aspect of the war—thus maps vary in shape and size, with some giving a global perspective while others depict the exact movement of armed forces on land, sea, or in the air. Battles such as Jutland, the Somme, Cambrai, and the Gallipoli campaign are shown in great detail. All maps are accompanied by an explanatory key.