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Science, Technology, and Warfare: The Proceedings of the Third Military History Symposium United States Air Force Academy 8-9 May 1969

by Monte D. Wright, Ed.

The theme of the first Military History Symposium, held at the United States Air Force Academy on 4-5 May 1967, was “Current Concepts in Military History.” The papers delivered at the second, on 2-3 May 1968, together with the subsequentcomments of a number of officers who had participated in the events discussed, were published by the Academy in 1969 as Command and Commanders in Modern Warfare. The presentvolume consists of the papers, revised and annotated for publication, and the discussion sessions of the third Symposium, held on 8-9 May 1969. With the fourth Symposium, “Soldiersand Statesmen; the Policy-Making Process in Modern History,” to be held at the Academy on 22-23 Oct 1970, the series becomes biennial.The Symposia are intended to serve a number of purposes. First, they provide a forum for scholars in military history, a field that has grown rapidly since World War II and one in which the Academy obviously has a special interest. Second, bybringing distinguished scholars to the Academy, the Symposia provide a link between the scholar and the military professional. At a time of serious internal stresses in American society, all such links are generally valuable. More prosaically, however,the Academy’s history faculty is kept abreast of developments in their academic discipline, while cadets are encouraged to a continuing interest in the background of their chosen profession. Third, by the participation of historians who do not consider themselves primarily “military” historians, but who are competent in areas that impinge on military affairs, the field of military history itself is enriched.