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Pan Africa Across the Sahara in 1941 with Pan Am

by Thomas M. Culbert

This non-fiction book describes the work of 1500 American civilians who left behind friends and family and went to war in Africa in September 1941- months before the U.S. became militarily involved in the fight against the Axis Powers.

The men of PAA-Africa, Ltd., a subsidiary of Pan American Airlines, worked under a secret contract with the British and American governments. They went to Africa to fly transport aircraft, ferry warplanes, and to establish a vital air route to the battlefronts in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

I believe that USAF pilots and crews will enjoy the story that unfolds in this book as it chronicles a previously untold historical event. This is a wonderful story about Africa, Boeing B-314s, Boeing 307s, airports, DC-3s, Bristol Blenheims and Beaufighters, P-40s, U-boats, Doolittle, Willkie, The RAF Ferry Command and much-much more.

The book contains dozens of never before published photographs and exhibits from this pioneering aviation effort.