2009 Air Power History Archive

WINTER 2009 -Volume 56, Number 4

  • “Denied Territory: Eisenhower’s Policy of Peacetime Aerial Overflight”
    R. Cargill Hall
  • "German Women Pilots at War, 1939-1945"
    Evelyn Zegenhagen
  • "Tunner and the Luftwaffe Connection with the Berlin Airlift"
    Roger G. Miller
  • "Portal’s World War I Experience, 1915-1918"
    Arnold D. Harvey

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FALL 2009 -Volume 56, Number 3

  • “Frank Luke Jr.: A Dauntless Spirit"
    Blaine Pardoe
  • “When the Thunderbirds Flew the Thunderchief”
    W. Howard Plunket
  • Project Emily and Thor IRBM Readiness in the United Kingdom, 1955-1960
    L. Parker Temple III and Peter L. Portanova
  • Readers’ Note: McNamara and the Air Force
    Herman S. Wolk

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SUMMER 2009 -Volume 56, Number 2

  • “Racing Against Invasion: Engineering a Kamikaze ‘Cruise Missile’”
    Thomas S. Momiyama
  • “Technology Not Realized: AAF Radar Employment in the Early Pacific War”
    William M. Cahill
  • “The A-1C(M) Gunsight: A Case Study of Technological Innovation in the United States Air Force”
    Thomas Wildenberg
  • “Establishing the U.S. Air Force Academy: The Early Years”
    Phillip S. Meilinger

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SPRING 2009 -Volume 56, Number 1

  • “The Air Force's Enduring Legacy of Nuclear Deterrence”
    Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff
  • “The Celebrity of Charles Lindbergh”
    Stanley Shapiro
  • “Arnold Races the Clock: The Battle of Japan”
    Herman S. Wolk
  • “Air Force Combat Controllers at Desert One: April 24-25, 1980”
    Forrest L. Marion

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