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The Air Force Historical Foundation is proud to offer a collection of Foundation books for gift-giving or to add to your personal history collection.

Foundation Books

Journal of the Air Force Historical Foundation

This volume is the first printed edition of the new Journal of the Air Force Historical Foundation. This “Summer Special Edition” establishes the model for the Foundation’s journal cycle from here on out. Each year, only the Summer Edition will be printed. It will be an expanded edition and will focus on the Foundation’s theme for the year. The printed journal is included in a full annual AFHF membership. ENJOY the epic publication!





The Rescue of BAT 21

When his electronic warfare plane–call sign Bat 21–was shot down on 2 April 1972, fifty-three-year-old Air Force navigator Iceal “Gene” Hambleton parachuted into the middle of a North Vietnamese invasion force and set off the biggest and most controversial air rescue effort of the Vietnam War. Now, after twenty-five years of official secrecy, the story of that dangerous and costly rescue is revealed for the first time by a decorated Air Force pilot and Vietnam veteran. Involving personnel from all services, including the Coast Guard, the unorthodox rescue operation claimed the lives of eleven soldiers and airmen, destroyed or damaged several aircraft, and put hundreds of airmen, a secret commando unit, and a South Vietnamese infantry division at risk. The book also examines the thorny debates arising from an operation that balanced one man’s life against mounting U.S. and South Vietnamese casualties and material losses, the operation’s impact on one of the most critical battles of the war, and the role played by search and rescue as America disengaged from that war.


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Red Markers: The Rest of the Story

In 1962, an Air Liaison Officer began supporting the Vietnamese Airborne Brigade (known as the Red Berets) and its embedded American advisors in MACV Team 162 (the Red Hats). The liaison officer took the call sign Red Marker. Over the years, the unit grew to a peak of 36 personnel with a dozen aircraft and six radio jeeps devoted to directing close air support for the Red Berets.

This book tells the history of these forward air controllers and the elite Vietnamese and American warriors on the ground. It is based on first-hand accounts of more than 100 men who were there. The stories include detailed descriptions of air missions, heroic Medevac rescues, the Medal of Honor actions of two Red Hats, and the shipboard escape of hundreds from Vietnam led by a Catholic seminary student.

This is a sequel to the first history of the Red Markers published in 2012. The Rest of the Story goes well beyond that earlier work.


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Hap Arnold and the Evolution of American Airpower

This Air Force Historical Foundation, Special Edition, was released in 2012 as part of a joint publication effort with the USAF, Air Command and Staff College located at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This beautiful award-winning, hardbound, limited-edition volume will thrill any biography-lover on your gift list.


Hap Arnold and the Evolution of American Airpower

(USAF 75th Anniversary edition)
Winner of the AIAA Manuscript Award, the USAF 75th Anniversary Edition was released on 18 September 2022—the USAF’s 75th birthday. The AFHF is making a limited number of autographed collector copies available to celebrate that milestone.


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The Air Force

AFHF published this book in 2003 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of manned flight. In narrative chapters, this volume examines technological change and the people that designed it, built it, and made it work. Beginning with its Army roots, this volume is a beautiful edition to coffee tables across the country while examining the story of a developing technologically based military service. (Oversized)