War Stories

The Air Force Historical Foundation is proud to present WAR STORIES!

Moderated by Edward R. Murrow Award winning broadcaster, Matt Jolley, this bi-monthly Zoom event (modeled after our Book Club program) will feature heroes, leaders, and other great story tellers. This year’s theme is, “The End of US Participation in Vietnam.” Matt directs the discussion with our guests creating an entertaining, informative, crowd-pleasing affair. Each episode includes a short Q&A session.

Join the viewing audience and Know the Past!


Matt Jolley

Matt Jolley is a national Edward R. Murrow Award winning feature reporter, and broadcaster who works as a host, writer, and narrator.

Back in the early 1990’s Matt’s neighbor Ron converted his living room into a television studio, and because nobody else was interested in making TV in Ron’s living room, Matt got the job hosting Wildcat Corner.  Twenty-five years later, Matt’s still in the media business (and so is Ron).  Matt has worked in Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Washington D.C., and even the Middle East. In addition to his broadcast work, Matt is passionate about aviation and entertains the largest airshow audiences in the world, including Pacific Airshow and AirVenture. In 2022, Pacific Airshow was the largest LIVE streamed event on Hulu, and since 2021 Matt has co-anchored the annual broadcast. Matt’s work in airshows has earned him The International Council of Air Shows Pinnacle Award, and Special Achievement Award.  He calls Fair Chance Farm home, and in his spare time, cares for a vintage de Havilland airplane and one old tractor.
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War Stories

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