2017 Air Power History Archive

Winter 2017 – Volume 64, Number 4

  • Dirty Little Secret in the Land of a Million Elephants: Barrel Roll and the Lost War – William P. Head
  • Building Air Force Intellectual Capacity: An Innovative Look at Creating Air University and the Air Force Academy, 1918-1955- John T. Farquar
  • The History of the Air Force Historical Foundation: An Extract – John F. Kreis
  • Warden Revisited: The Pursuit of Victory Through Air Power – John Andreas Olsen

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Fall 2017 – Volume 64, Number 3


  • Leaflets, Loudspeakers and Radios, Oh, My! – Robert J. Kodosky
  • Reentry Vehicle Development Leading to the Minuteman Avco Mark  5 and 1 – David  K. Stumpf
  • The French Pilot Training Experience at Oscoda Army Air Field During World War II – David K. Vaughan
  • Operation Vittles: The  Berlin Airlift – Daniel L. Haulman

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Summer 2017 – Volume 64, Number 2

  • Thirteenth Air Force Radio Countermeasures Operations, 1944-45 – William Cahill
  • The Resurrection of Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command- Daniel L. Haulman
  • Rescue–1972: A year of challenge for rescue forces in the violent skies of Southeast Asia- Darrel Whitcomb
  • Men and Planes of World War I and a History of the Lafayette Escadrille- Juliette A. Henness

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Spring 2017 – Volume 64, Number 1

  • Considered Advisable under Existing Conditions: Philippine Airpower, 1912-1939  – William Cahill
  • Special Operations by Airpower: Strategic Lessons from World War II – Adam Leong Kok Wey
  • What Might Have Been–XX Bomber Command’s B–29 Offensive against Japanese Oil Supplies in The Netherlands East Indies and Borneo – John F. O’Connell
  • False Claims About the Tuskegee Airmen – Daniel L. Haulman

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